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Diplomatica welcomes your  stories and/or your views/ analysis on the Women Empowerment and Leadership in general. What can each of us do to ensure that we have a global society where every human has equal opportunities, rights, possibilities to be a leader and to leave a profound impact on this Earth? What can be done to bring more women to the decision making tables? What can we do to disrupt the ill stereotypes that certain jobs, positions, behavioral manners are more acceptable for men rather than for everybody? Why do we continue having so few females as Head of States, why is there still a grand female/male representation gap in our Parliaments? Think how we can inspire and encourage women to believe in themselves that everything is possible. Bring attention to what You think! Be positive, use your imagination and give suggestions how we can create new habits in treating and accepting all humans in this world equally and honourably. (It takes only 21 day to form a new habit). 

Important Notes:
Preference will be given to original stories, reporting and analysis, but we will also consider commentary about Women Empowerment, about igniting the new light onto female leadership in sports, diplomacy, culture, politics, security, economy, and social domains. Please note that we anticipate to have Diplomatica a positive-energy site, different, and inspirational. So no com-plaintive, abusive, negative pieces will be accepted by the site editors and will not be posted.

• Submissions can range between 400 and 2000 words.
• Please submit your pieces as a Word document rather than a PDF. We encourage the use of in-line hyperlinks for acknowledging sources.
• Please submit your text in English. Add a photography which illustrates your discussed idea and few sentences about yourself.

We accept only original pieces written by the author herself/ himself as we respect and comply with the international intellectual property rights.