Less is more. Simple is the new perfect
Text by: Gintarė Janulaitytė
January 6, 2017    |    8 min read

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”

– Seth Godin


here are 365 new days - 365 new chances to live the life of your dreams. It is your conscious choice to create a great day or not. So decide to be happy and satisfied everyday, you have a chance EVERYDAY to live life to its fullest. Do not let your life perish in vain just by making a wrong decision and expecting others to make you happy. All this flaming power of pure joy resides in YOU.

In the past, each New Years Eve I had a tradition making grand resolutions. This year my choice was to make no resolutions and simply apply one mantra: less is more and simple is the new perfect. It was of paramount importance to me to finally grasp that the immaculate beauty of life is not in some heroic gigantic accomplishments (which most of the time left me highly disappointed). All the magic is in doing what I choose to do with love, appreciation, and gratitude. 

We all fail at times, we all feel that we are not the best we could be yet. But stop for a moment and think: there is a blessing in every storm. Let yourself fail. Let yourself learn. The only person you must compare yourself to is the previous you. That is all. When you take your deeds with love, appreciation, and gratitude you eliminate all the expectations and belittle your inner demons. Of course, never lower your standards and always seek for the greatest you can be in each situation but accept the result as it comes. What I came to realize this New Years Eve that expectations lead us to dissatisfaction; expectations lead us to want more, be more, and have more. 

However, the secret is that LESS IS MORE.

So lead your life in a simpler way, do not demand quantities and focus on what you already have. Less competition with the world, less consumption, and lesser things. Appreciate it and choose to be satisfied with what you have and who you are (or who you are not). Be.

Be and do.

For the last couple of months, I was trying to write my first article for DiplomaticA and every time I thought it is simply not good enough. I thought it had to be some marvelous analysis of what I want to say about women empowerment and leadership. I was reading millions of articles on the topic, pushed myself to create some kind of masterpiece of words to prove something. But my New Year mantra helped me to grasp that what I think and believe in, here and now, is good enough. I decided to simply share my ideas without the need to prove anything to myself and to anyone. And this is my second point overall for living life to its fullest.

Just be yourself, do what you love doing without willing to be liked and accepted.  Choose everyday to be as you feel.

You as a woman, and you as a man can be empowered only if you choose to be. FEEL IT. No government laws, no common practices and money could give you that feeling. And as I mentioned in my other posts, noone can make you feel inferior without your consent. So choose to lead your life in a manner that you always dreamed of. Of course, there are numerous things to be amended in our institutions, labour markets, but first and foremost let us ammend views on personal empowerment/ leadership in our minds. Unclutter your mind from stereotypes and insecurities.

There is no need for some kind of external labeling and announcement “now women are empowered”, you have to feel that such a reality is NOW. Essentially, every person is empowered and is good enough as long as they have that inner understanding. Inner glow.

So try to be the best you can be first and foremost to yourself. When you are fulfilled and grateful there will be no need to prove anything to anyone. Or to be approved. Simple.

Last but not least starting from this very moment, additionally, I agreed to myself to “trust the flow.”

I was always oriented in perfection and maximalism. However, simplicity is THE ultimate perfection. Simple is the new perfect. Because when you are focused on perfection and maximalism, when you try to be in charge of everything you lose the joy of momentum. Appreciation of “here and now” fades away. You start belittling own blessings and talents. Striving to be and to have everything perfect and under control is like living in a pandora’s box. Cursed circle of “not enough…”

Neither you are the genius of the world nor the winner of Oscars in life category “Perfect in everything.”

Women and men alike, please, choose not to control things.  Do not aim to be in charge of everything and everywhere. Neither you are the genius of the world nor the winner of Oscars in life category “Perfect in everything.” Do your things BUT relax and trust the flow. Again, enjoy what it is, enjoy that you are! Happiness is the price you pay for trying to reach perfection. Realize it and stop being needy that everything would be in your way. Even when referring to your own life. Sometimes is absolutely alright to not get what you want. Sometimes is completely perfect to fail and to be misunderstood. Simply relax, trust the flow, be smart, and be grateful.

All what we actually need has no price-tag. All we actually need is already in us. So shine and help others to shine. You are already the hero of your life story! And always check with yourself if you are living your life the way you have always dreamed of when you were a child.


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  • Although this website is dedicated for Women I truly believe that every man becoming happier when he can feel a harmonised emotion of woman. Once I met Gintare, she was shining this emotion. Less is more is one of my favourite, however this is not a minimalism, this is what you can do best. Many thanks Gintare, for everting you did, you did it with limited capacity but perfect! Greatings from Brussels!

    • Miroslavai, thank you very much for your kind beautiful words regarding this website and my service for our country 🙂 All the best to you and your Family in Brussels. God bless. Stay in touch!!

  • Gintare, thanks for such an inspiring piece. So often we forget that really the best things are the simplest things which money cannot buy:) Live, love, laugh!! Best wishes from New Zealand.

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