Aloha and welcome
Photo: Hok Aroh

My name is Gintarė Žarkova (Amapele in Hawaiian language). I am a proud Lithuanian with a Hawaiian soul. Currently I am serving as an Ambassador for the Wounded Warriors of Lithuania. I discovered the importance of this topic during my accreditation as an Advisor to the Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Lithuania where I have worked for the past four years. 

My core responsibilities among others were to developing strategies to increase public appreciation of the roles and missions of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, especially among the youth. It was essential to bring attention to the Wounded Warriors situation to the society as well. I can gladly name several other successfully launched wide-scale projects such as involving Lithuanian sports and entertainment celebrities to serve as ambassadors for the Lithuanian Military, helping to revivify the Lithuanian National Gown, hosting motivational speaking about the enhancement of national sentiments and leadership overall in the Lithuanian Young Riflemen events and in schools/ universities. 

Throughout my career I had worked as the World Support for Development Handa Fellow at the Pacific Forum, CSIS, an international think-tank based in Honolulu (Hawai’i, United States of America) with a focus on Burma/Myanmar’s political transformation and human rights. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has alway been the sheer example of strong female role models who stand firmly for own beliefs and paramount human values.

I hold a Joint Master of International Law from Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) and Ghent University (Belgium), and a Master of Diplomacy and Military Studies from Hawai’i Pacific University (Hawai’i, USA) where I was also elected Graduate Valedictorian. I appreciate all the opportunities I have been given to inspire people and to work together with them making a world a better place for everyone. One does not need a title to lead and to strive to make a difference in our communities, all the needed is a will power to persevere leaving a positive mark.

I had also attended international schools in Sweden, Spain, Germany, and Vietnam focusing on diplomacy, economic diplomacy, international politics, military, and soft power. Additionally, I had interned at the Lithuanian embassy in Washington, DC. It is of paramount importance for me to constantly surround myself with diverse people from all walks of life who are worldy and have an “open box” mentality. So the internship in Washington, DC introduced me to the world diplomats and poiticians, policy shapers and numerous volunteers, artists, and dreamers overall. Everyone I had met and continue meeting in my life-journey I treat as a teacher who contributes to my critical thinking, forms my views, values, and leaves a profound impact.

Till this day I am a CSIS Young Leader and a Handa Sports Diplomacy representative. Back in 2015 at the Young Leaders symposium in Cape Town (Republic of South Africa), my idea to launch a Women Empowerment project was greatly supported. Accordingly, I dedicate a lot of my time and efforts to make a change in the world regarding this topic. I have so much to share with you all. I am available to speak and participate in discussions at your events regarding Women Empowerment and leadership. Let us share our experiences!

I am fluent in Lithuanian and English, and I have working knowledge of Spanish, Swedish, and some French. My motto- wherever you go whatever you do always have shining eyes and a flaming heart.


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