Flow as a river
Text by: Gintarė Žarkova
June 29, 2017    |    3 min read

have always wanted to try the MA-URI massage. It’s technique itself is rooted in Polynesia and the movements involved in it are centered around the Hawaiian dances with expanding and retreating movements of the lower arms. Being half-Hawaiian in my soul I had to try it. And so I did it today. Finally.

What an experience! I had a spectrum of feelings and thoughts. I loved it. After the 75 minutes of heaven on earth we had a short chat with Jurga, the great MA-URI professional. She wished me a great day and said golden words of immaculate essence - “in life, try to flow as a river.”

Flow. River. Vivid and deep words which brought my nature lover character back into the wild. On my way back home I wondered when did our societies become so unfree and tangled? We live in free and democratic countries but our souls are imprissoned in materialism and power. In this fast-paced world where everybody aims to be a super human we force and demand so much from ourselves and from others. We try to control everything what’s happening around, we try to be in charge of our days, our ways. We became super-control unfree humans. But at the end of the day all this leaves us exhausted and unsatisfied. Why do we demand so much from ourselves? Why do we try to prove something to someone and to ourselves? We seek to save the planet but we still consume so much. Including our own deepest energy. Why do we all compete for power? Why do we all compete? Period. 

If only we could live with each other with pure and good  intentions and build real communities/ societies/ neighbourhoods where people truly aim to flow as rivers. Without crashing, hurting, discriminating, proving something. Life is to enjoy it and to shine. Life is much more than power games. And we, the humans, could be truly empowered when we allow our hearts to flow. When we live at the deepest peace with ourselves and our true nature.

In life, try to flow as a river

So I invite you to think (when you drink coffee with your loved one, have a morning Ho’oponopono meditation, or walk to work, - does not matter): how could you change your life to flow as a river? What can you do to help others to flow as a river? And do it. 

Then you will be empowered. Then you will empower others.


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