“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Eleanor Rosoevelt

The authors of this site are sheer advocates for human rights and equality, for world peace, security, and de facto development. We stand strongly for women empowerment. For Mothers empowerment. This platform is created to shine a bright light on Women from all walks of life from different AND preferably positive angles. We aim to write and share stories to inspire people to be better towards each other and, in particular, to motivate Women to be more confident about themselves and their talents. Because all humans deserve to fully enjoy all rights and opportunities, to fully fulfill their unique potential without discrimination in gender, age, race, financial status, etc. By strengthening our own critical mindset about the treatment of Women of and in all walks of life (which at times are overseen or not given enough appreciation) we can influence the positive change. We cannot do everything but we can do something. So can you.

This project is made possible through the ISPS Handa Fellowship awarded by way of the generosity of the International Sports Promotion Society and its Chair Dr. Haruhisa Handa who highly supports the Women Empowerment.